Jeanine Lamb






   a little about me...

I've been a PA realtor for 10 years. Prior to real estate I worked for an accounting firm in an administrative position. That experience provided me with many of the skills I use in my real estate business today.   Its challenging, rewarding and never the same day twice.

 "Im not in the business of selling homes, Im in the business of selling dreams in the shape of homes" 

                                                                                   Phil Dunphy (couldnt resist)

Life cant be all work though.  I also have a family and plenty of outside interests.  I paint, enjoy cooking for friends, gardening, and being outside. We have two daughters, a son, and numerous pets.  I love to organize just about anything, which my friends enjoy (more than my husband) and will occasionally enlist my help to straighten out a closet or kitchen cabinet.  Those are some of my favorite non-work days.   We all have our "thing"...

 Thanks for stopping by.  Call any time.